Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama and Cockroaches

Part 1:
I found out yesterday while in school that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for inspiring hope and change. I won't lie, my first reaction was "What?" because it came as a major shock. Not that I'm not proud of my president but that's a big accomplishment and he's only been in office 9 months. In a way, I don't think he should have gotten it just yet as he is still in office and hasn't completed all of his work. I believe he has inspired many people and that it is very good to have a person with a goal to improve the global situation in power. Basically, I think the award was given too soon and if, by chance, Obama does not succeed with his plans during his turn, criticism will be put upon him. Plus this just adds more pressure to his already packed schedule.
Still congrats Mr. President, we're proud of you.

Part 2:
It can happen at any moment. I go to the bathroom before going to bed but close the door quickly at the sight of movement. "Didi!" I yell and walk quickly towards the kitchen and the TV room where the maid looks questioningly at me. "Kya didi?" She asks and I reply, "Cockroach didi, bara cockroach." She gets the spray and follows me to my bathroom where we go about hunting down the buggers, me pointing and her spraying. And this hasn't just happened once, but several times although I'm still not used to it. The creepier part was finding a dead one on the floor of my room with a tiny baby ones surrounding it. Freaked out yet? Yeah I felt the same. Fortunately, it's becoming normal to me. Just another example of unexpected situations, I guess.

Aur Kuch (And More):
Well... I'm mostly use to life here now. At times, it can be frustrating especially with classes. I love my school, it's quite fun and all of my friends are really nice. But classes... trust me sometimes I wish I could bunk all the time. As I mentioned, since I've been put in one of the best schools in Mumbai, my credits will most likely transfer so I'm working hard to do well in class. But with some classes that's hard, specifically math and physics. In Indian schools, they start with the basics of Biology, Chem, and Physics much earlier than in US schools (like in 8th grade and earlier). This makes it considerably harder for me to get along and study when everyone has already covered the basics. So I'm diligently trying to catch up but also trying to complete other work it's all so... tiring. Then again, I didn't really go on this to relax, did I?

Diwali break just started for us and marks the end of Saturday school and 10 days of no school. Which is nice (excepting my load of work). Diwali is the festival of lights and so my family is decorating our flat for it. Diwali day is next Saturday and we are celebrating Friday and Sunday. For it, I have another chuni choli coming and am having two salwar kameez made, which I can also wear for the weddings coming up. Kind of cool right? I'm excited, especially to see all of the lights in the city. It will be almost like Christmas almost but in 30 degrees C.

A couple of days ago, one of the ladies in my building was holding a mehendi party because of a festival the next day. So I went down after doing some of my homework to have dinner and have mehendi put on. I've always like mehendi and I got to talk to the aunties from my building and my sisters' friend. Speaking of sisters, my older host sister has gone back to UK for school so now my other sister has the room all to herself.

Lastly... Annual day is starting soon so a week after diwali break, we will start having night school. Interesting right? No school during the day but practice at night... Hm oh well.

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