Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A quick point

I know I just posted yesterday but since then, I have something that needs to be said for everyone. Being an exchange student is hard and at times you face miscommunication and it disrupts your life for a while. I don't want to go into too much detail but this happened to me with my host mom and she heard a few things and I even got mixed signals.

Host families adjust a lot to you being in their home and you should always recognize that. But even so, know that you have adjusted so much to their lifestyle. Speaking out is also better or as my host mom says "be free with the family". If you have any concerns let them know immediately, even if it's not your nature around those you don't know so well. I know I'm the more quiet type unless I'm around friends but still, speak your mind. And lastly, be more realistic about your situation. If you feel you haven't been getting out enough, don't automatically blame your host family. Look at what's been going on around you while yu've been there, at events, etc. and see if there's been time for those things. Sometimes there wasn't at all. Maybe you did. But in any case, if you want to go out, ask your family to take you somewhere and stick to it. My German friend and I agree, in India especially, if you want something , it is you who has to make it happen. I wanted a Hindi class in school so I went to my coordinator multiple times. I wanted to take a dance class so I looked through the internet and newspaper to find one. In the end, you're experience depends on you and your perseverance so make the most of it. I know I have changed a bit over the past 3 months and I'm glad that I have developed this sense of will and hope it continues to grow.

So everybody, don't worry, everything's fine but think about what I've said. So many things affect you while you're in your host country but never be pessimisstic that it won't change. You yourself have to work hard and deal with it by yourself. AFS is there but it ultimately depends on you. So be strong, work hard, and put your heart into it. In the end, that's all that is expected of you.

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